Honest, joyful, organic photography

for sustainably conscious couples, families and brands.


My special skill is being able to make you feel good in front of the camera. No awkward here.


But how? I believe in honest down to earth photography. The thing that I dislike the most is staged photography. Over the years I have collected many handy tips ready to put you at ease and make you feel completely relaxed whilst I photograph your wedding day, your family photos, or your brand shoot.

I adore capturing memories for you, it makes my heart sing knowing that I've sent you away with photos that will become heirlooms. Whether I'm photographing your wedding, your family or just you for your brand, I know how it feels to be in front of the camera. Which is why over the years I've developed techniques that invite real joy, real connections and real moments. No staged, awkward photos here. You will walk away with a gallery full of beautiful authentic photos.

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About me


I love to photograph the REAL you…
I don’t just rock up knowing nothing about you and start pointing my camera in your face!! I take time to get to know you, I talk to you lots before your wedding day or shoot and ensure that you feel good! I pride myself in not just being your photographer, but also being someone who can help on the day, fetch drinks, attach button holes, be the non judgmental person for you to let off steam with! I aim to be a friend at the end of the day!

At a wedding, I am discrete but also blend in with your guests, mingling with them as part of the crowd. I like to ensure everyone knows I’m very relaxed and there’s nothing to be anxious about!

When it comes to doing your portraits, don’t worry. I know how to make you feel relaxed and be true to who you are, I’ve got this! You will look amazing…I promise. For families and brand shoots, I have lots of tricks to help everyone feel good and relax. My aim is for you to walk away with authentic images showing the real connections between you.


with her stunning, friendly personality, my hubby and I felt so at ease around her and as a result she's taken some beautiful natural shots "

~Sarah & Mark