About me

Hello! I’m Sarah. I’m a photographer, educator and mentor. Based near the North Hampshire and Surrey borders, close to London, I love photograph relaxed and romantic weddings and have done so for nearly 10 years. I have an eye for detail and appreciate the finer things in life. 

My background is in Art, Graphic Design and teaching. I studied Illustration and Graphic Design at degree level and went on to gain my teaching qualification shortly after. I taught at secondary school level for over 12years. Which has put me in good stead for mentoring and teaching other wedding professionals today.

My passion for photography started at university when during my Art foundation course we were introduced to the dark room and film photography (showing my age, digital cameras were in their infancy then!). I loved the process of taking and developing my own images-something I later went on to teach to my GCSE and A Level students.

Sarah by a bookcase in a white linen top and beaded necklace

After becoming a mother, life became more about how to be there for my child and less about my career as a teacher so I started Sarah Hoyle Photography nearly 10 years ago. I have been full time self employed since 2016 and feel so grateful that I wake up every day doing something I love and am so passionate about.  I have grown my business steadily over the years and have won awards with photography bodies such as the Guild of Photographers and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. I am proud to have been featured in many popular blogs and magazines, including Rock My Wedding, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and British Bride.

Sustainability is at the core of my values.

As an eco-friendly wedding photographer, I am also a Member of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance.  Currently working towards my accreditation with them. Which means I am extremely committed to being as eco-conscious and sustainable as possible. From using renewable energy in my home to planting trees on behalf of anyone who books with me. I believe that if we all did one thing to help the planet it will make so much more impact than one person trying to do a million things. Read more about what I do to reverse climate change as much as possible in my Environmental Policy.

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Facts about me!

I’m a wedding, family and brand photographer,

I have a creative, sensitive and caring nature,

I’m an outdoor lover (especially the countryside & the beach!),

I am friendly, down to earth and approachable,

I’m a part time yogi,

a full time coffee drinker,

an over sharer…for my sins,

I love laughing and making others laugh…life’s too short, right?

I’m a cat mother, oh and a mother of two humans as well!

a try hard crocheter,

and I live in North Hampshire, but not so secretly want to live in the countryside.

Connection is EVERYTHING so click get in touch if you think we will be a great match.