Woohoo you’ve just got engaged! So exciting…you’ve said yes and now the fun can begin! Planning your wedding! Except pretty quickly you realise it’s not as much fun as you thought. 


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Well my advice is firstly choose your date and venue. Without this sorted you can’t really book anything else.

Then move onto researching other vendors such as your wedding photographer and florist. These vendors get booked up super quick so to avoid disappointment get in there early.


HOW do you go about choosing?!!


Options are a plenty, especially with wedding photographers, so where do you start without getting overwhelmed and feeling massive choice anxiety?!


Now once you have your short list, finding out which is the ONE for you is almost the hardest bit!

You want to know you can trust your wedding photographer right? So to help you make your final decision you should consider the following:



Whenever couples ask me any of this stuff I am always glad, it means they want to find someone they click with but also that they trust. It means they are taking their wedding photography seriously and not just looking at budget.⠀

You should never feel pressured into booking with a vendor. It should be totally up to you. I always hold my couples date for a week to give them plenty of time to come to a decision without the fear of someone else pipping you to the post!

You can apply all these tips to your other wedding suppliers and it should help you enjoy the process and make it fun and no stress!






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