I wanted this styled shoot to reflect the values of my new brand.

Which are all about simple living and sustainability. The shoot had a folksy feel to it. I described it as being a mix between Poldark and Mumford and Sons!

All the elements were brought together to create a shoot that was eco-friendly and sustainable. We had a wonderful team of gorgeous ladies who all believed in the same ethical and environmental values. They all worked their magic to great this beautiful shoot.

Gilbert White’s House barn in Hampshire

was a perfect venue as they provide everything for weddings in house. Plus they are classed as an eco friendly wedding venue. They also have their own in house brewery. So we designed our table favours to be a bottle of specially brewed ale for the couple. Ticking all the sustainable boxes, not only would the favours be used but then the glass bottles could be recycled. Also the ale was brewed on site meant there was little to no carbon footprint for them.

The vibe of the barn was the perfect backdrop as it felt warm, cosy, rustic and had that Poldark feel to it. The views of the South Downs outside were so stunning too you just couldn’t get a better backdrop.

I chose to have a handfasting ceremony for the shoot again to reflect the 18th Century vibe of the shoot. Simple olden days living with an arts and craft aesthetic.

Amethyst Weddings – Sian the Vegan Wedding Planner, Hampshire

Sarah first approached me because of my vegan and eco credentials. She asked for my help and input with the styling of the tablescape. Following our initial conversation I instantly knew what aesthetic Sarah was looking for. Inspired by her original mood board I created a warm and inviting tablescape.  Using brass and wooden candlesticks which were all preloved items. We used vegan friendly soy candles in neutral tones. I picked naturally dyed napkins along with a natural gauze table runner in a taupe tone. Which added texture along the centre of the trestle tables. These natural tones helped to create a cosy homely natural vibe,  combined with the beautiful amber tones of the glassware and the jars we used for the flowers.

Blooming Cow Florist -Hampshire

used a combination of British dried flowers, grasses and seed heads along with some freshly cut rosemary from her cutting garden.

The bouquet was tied with hessian ribbon and natural twine with the addition of some beautiful silk ribbon from The Botanical Dyer in a limited edition colour of Caramel Bronze.

The Wedding Altar

A natural hessian runner marked the aisle walkway with a combination of glass vases on log slices featuring dried flowers and seed heads and a scattering of Helichrysum flower heads. A hand painted botanical backdrop was used and decorated with hops. Two galvanised metal milk churns / barrels marked either side of the alter with tall Pampas grass fronds.

The Pampas grass used was obtained from The Hampton Estate as well as from one of my customers gardens in exchange for some dried hops!

The Entrance: The double barn doors that face out into the landscape at Gilbert White’s House were decorated with hop bines. We re-positioned the milkchurns and also used them here to mark either side of the doorway. Along with a scattering of Helichrysum flower heads in a lovely deep burgundy.

The Table: My contribution was quite simple – mainly Nigella seed pods in the vases with a few smaller dried pieces in smaller vases.

Hop Bines were sourced from The Hampton Estate, a family owned and run traditional agricultural estate located in Farnham. British Dried Flowers were from Shropshire Petals and Daisy Shop, with plant dyed silk ribbon from The Botanical Dyer



Eco friendly wedding dress by Jessica Turner Designs

The process and ideas of the shoot were parallel to my way of working, looking into natural organic sources and sustainability. I was honoured to be asked by Sarah Hoyle Photography and Sian from Amethyst Weddings.

The Daisy dress was chosen, made from cotton and lined with organic cotton for a boho bride. I loved the folksy design of the dress which also matched the rustic charm of the setting.

The sleeves were redesigned to create a whole new bridal look, a sustainable way of working creating something new from something old. The sleeves are detachable so the dress can also create two looks in one night.



Stationery by Ellie and Liv

When Sarah asked me to be part of her styled shoot involving other like minded eco-friendly and sustainable suppliers my heart sang. Her vision was everything I dreamed of in regards to the colours, feel and tone.

After delving into Sarah’s mood board and Pinterest inspiration I drew my inspiration from the month of the shoot October and all things Autumn.I had thoughts of Anne of Green Gable, Wuthering Heights fleeting through my mind as my muse. Taking inspiration from Gilbert White himself, I looked to nature and the season for the colours and dried foliage that can be found in the wild countryside of the British Isles.

Using natural taupes, oranges and a pop of burnt ochre I used watercolour as my medium of choice.

I knew eco-friendly zero waste poppy seed paper would be the perfect choice for the stationery. Mixing it with recycled kraft card to create a natural depth. As dried poppy heads appear in late Summer and early Autumn, the seed in the paper gave an extra layer to the story the stationery told.

I even included a painted poppy seed head, hidden in the foliage.

Then when the stationery is finished with, it can be returned to nature. Growing new poppies next Summer for everyone to enjoy.

Miranda – Celebrant

Wedding ceremonies have been an important feature of nearly every culture, religion, generation and society. We have thousands of important moments that happen throughout our lives, but this one is regarded as one so meaningful that we acknowledge it’s special status by sharing it with others.

Despite all our differences, love is what we all share. It’s the great unifier and one universal truth. No matter who we are, we know one thing…love is what we’re doing right.

And love is what brought everyone together for this special Handfasting ceremony.

A hand fasting and hand things have been used throughout history to symbolise the union of two individuals in marriage. It quite literally symbolises ‘Tying the Knot!’

Inspired by the earthy tones of this styled shoot, we decided to take the Handfasting ceremony outside beneath the branches of a big oak tree.

The roots of the tree growing beneath our feet felt grounding and expansive as the couple exchanged rings, shared vows and sealed their union with the tying of hands. Grounding them to the roots of the tree and to each other. It was as if all of those gathered in that moment were at one with the earth and one with the couple as they made their vows.

Each of the ribbons used in this Handfasting carried meaning. Brown symbolised nurturing, home and hearth. Next, Gold meant wisdom, prosperity and longevity and finally, Yellow for joy, happiness, and unconditional love.

We used plant dyed silks and velvets sourced from a variety of small businesses via Etsy.



Hair and makeup- Ethical Bridal Company

The Ethical Bride Co. is run and founded by  hair and makeup artists Jen and Lisa.

They have been working together for many years now. They believe in trying to use products in their kit that are vegan friendly which ultimately means cruelty free as well. The beauty industry is full of wastage around packaging and unused products. So Lisa and Jen carefully try to use products that they know are effective and where possible use sustainable methods of packaging.

The duo jumped at the chance to work with a more sustainably minded team. They loved what Sarah was trying to achieve.

‘We want to show that you can still get high quality hair and makeup results from being an Eco-conscious hair and makeup artist’

They wanted to use autumnal rustic colours and shy away from the ‘oh so natural boho look or the typical bridal looks.


The brands that they used on the wonderful models are as follows: Beauty Kitchen / Jaclyn Hill /Morphe eye shadow palette / Elf cosmetics
Chantecaille / Too faced / Hourglass / Beauty Made Easy / Natulique Natural Styling (hair) Maria Nila (hair)


The shoot went on to be featured on English Wedding Blog. Go check it out.



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