For every wedding that is booked with me I plant a tree to help fight climate change.

Environmental Policy

I am committed to running my business as ethically and sustainably as possible. I consider every aspect of my business and lifestyle to be kind to the environment. I feel strongly that we all have a responsibility to look after our planet and respect the life it gives us all.

Outlined below are the policies I have for each aspect of my business.


Boxes, USB’s and packaging

The wooden boxes clients receive are all timber sourced with accordance to FSC regulations. They only use timber sourced with very strict Forest Stewardship regulations.

My box supplier is a 100% plastic free company, which means no plastic is used in production or shipping of our products.

My business cards, stickers and packaging are all made using recycled papers. My supplier uses innovative packaging and source carbon-neutral and eco-friendly papers. They are dedicated to minimizing and recycling their waste. The inks used are vegetable based inks. They use water-activated paper tape in their own packaging, an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic adhesive, which is made from 100% recycled Kraft Paper, natural rubber-based adhesive and all the materials are completely biodegradable. They are certified to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standard and external regulatory bodies which hold us accountable to strict standards when it comes to environmental policies and procedures.


Even down to the stamp I use on my boxes has been sourced from an eco-company. Their credentials state that their Eco Custom Rubber Stamps are made from high quality 100% reclaimed oak. The ink they supply with our stamps are Non-Toxic, Archival and Acid-Free. This ink contains glycerin ( VEGETABLE OIL) and no animal products, making it perfect for standard paper or card and vegan friendly. 


I also partner with Cashmere Duck Candles as gifts for my clients.

I make sure I offer products that have as little impact on our environment, which means that I carefully source the ingredients and materials and work with packaging suppliers that invest in the environment. My belief is if we all make small changes to how we purchase, together we can have an impact on our environment.


Giving back

With every wedding booking made my couples get a tree planted in ther name as a celebration of their marriage to be. I use National Trust tree planting scheme for this. Each couple then received a keep sake certificate commemorating their contribution.

I have a monthly membership with Ecologi, an organisation dedicated to reversing climate change by partnering with businesses and indiviuals to plant trees and supporting climate projects that benefit the planet, biodiversity and local communities.


Green energy

Sarah Hoyle Photography uses green energy, powered by Octopus energy.

Other ways Sarah Hoyle Photography contribute to reverse climate change in my business:

  • Use eco-suppliers for styled shoots, e.g. HMUA, stylists, venues, caterers, props and florist and eco stationers

  • Using eco-packaging suppliers

  • Work with ethical and eco brands

  • Using rechargeable batteries for camera and flash guns

  • Avoid new equipment where possible, try to buy second hand

  • Group my print orders to cut down on packaging and transport

  • Plant a tree for every booking

  • A member of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance 

  • Take reusable water and coffee cups with me to weddings and shoots. Bring own prepared snacks to avoid single use packaging.

  • If possible use public transport.

  • Drive a ULE vehicle.


Sustainable living

  • Plant based diet

  • Walk to school and town as much as possible

  • Use public transport more for work

  • Buying organic food

  • Buying second hand

  • Buying organic and sustainable clothing brands

  • Toothpaste swap to toothpaste tablets

  • Growing own veg

  • Composting

  • Using water butts

  • Buying local meat in paper bags for rest of family

  • Deodorant in cardboard tubes/tins

  • Refillable shampoo and conditioner

  • Soap bars not shower gels

  • Turn off the computer and TV at night! Not on standby

  • Loose leaf tea so no tea bags

  • Washable sanitary goods

  • Bamboo toilet roll

  • Repair and upcycle as much as possible

  • Use recyclable kraft paper for wrapping paper, with recyclable tape

  • Buying a lot less ‘plastic tat’ for the kids!

  • Make your own ice lollies

  • Looking at food labels and avoiding palm oil

  • Avoid flying as much as possible and offsetting carbon

  • and more…..!