1: What is an engagement shoot?

You may be thinking what is an engagement shoot, and more importantly what is the point of one? Well, this shoot is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better, chat about your day more and generally make you feel less weird about having a camera in your face! Most people won’t have had a professional shoot before so this is a fantastic way to make you feel more comfortable around the camera and me. It’s a bit like a rehearsal for the big day. It means that I get to know how you are with each other, with me and how you look in photos. Then come your wedding day, we aren’t wasting time doing poses that don’t work for you. Or I can simply say, remember that thing we did at your engagement shoot, let’s go for that again. And because you’ve practiced it already, boom, you know what to do and that equals comfortable, natural shots of you on your wedding day!

2: Am I allowed to print the photos you give us?​

Yes.  I give you printing rights with the USB of photos, which means you may print as many of the photos as you like. However, as the photographer I still hold the copyright.  The one thing I do ask is that when you share my images on these sites that you credit me. Tis much appreciated, thanks.

3: Do you offer prints as part of the package?​

I offer prints separately from any of my packages. Keeps things simple.  When you receive your USB you will also get a price list for prints. You can also view my prints price list on my Prints and Albums page.

4: What happens if we want to book you for our wedding?​

Firstly, get in touch to check my availability for your wedding date. Then if I am available, I will send you a booking form which outlines all the details of the package.  I require a deposit of £300 to secure your wedding date. We then arrange to meet and for you guys to have a complimentary engagement shoot*, this is a perfect way for us all to get to know each other, and for me to gauge how you are in front of the camera. It takes a lot of pressure off the actual day. If I’ve not done a wedding at your particular venue then I will always visit the venue beforehand.  Then, it’s just count down to the big day!!

*only applicable with the top two wedding packages.

5: What do we wear for the shoot?

Depending on the type and location of the shoot I will discuss the styling of the shoot with you beforehand.  But generally think textures, layers, floaty fabrics, chunky knit and fake fur!  In terms of colours, bright but not overpowering or clashing.  Pretty patterns and accent block colours in combination always work well.  Try to co-ordinate by matching childrens hair accessories with your jumper for example.  Don’t go for all matching, all wearing the same colour, you should compliment one another but not all be too matchy-matchy! Have a colour palette in mind.  Dark colours don’t allow for texture or any range in tone, so unless we’ve discussed specifically wearing black…please try to avoid.

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories in a shoot…they usually end up being a great prop that doesn’t look too forced, flowers in the hair, scarves, hats, wellies, blankets & umbrellas all make for great fun!

Please avoid any strong branded clothes and trainers.  Consider the details like shoes, sometimes no shoes are best! Ladies ensure your nail varnish isn’t chipped (toes too!) and be aware of that cleavage!! What might look fine at normal eye level, could end up being a bit too revealing once you bending forward playing around with your baby!!

I am here to advise and help so never think you are bothering me with questions about the styling of your shoot,  You are buying memories that will last forever so you (and I!) want it to be just right!

Below are some examples of outfit combinations and colour palettes that have worked well.

6: What happens if its raining on the day of our outdoor shoot?

On the day I will assess the weather and if it it pouring with rain and not looking as though it will stop I will call you to postpone the shoot and book in another day. Any deposit paid will be transferred to the new date.  If it’s just showers, again I will contact you on the day to discuss either changing the time of the shoot or moving it to another day.  I do keep a close eye on the forecast and will keep you posted as soon as I think there may be an issue.  Only very heavy rain stops me!!