Planning Your Wedding During a Pandemic

Yay, so you’re engaged! This is so exciting! Congratulations!


Once the Prosecco headache has cleared you realise there’s a global pandemic and you will be planning your wedding during it and potentially during a lockdown. Hopefully some suppliers will be back open for business soonish, but if you want to get the big things booked now then you still have lots of options.

Rest assured most things can now be viewed and browsed from the comfort of your own sofa and with a G&T in hand. Although maybe stick to one drink, we don’t want that budget blown just yet!

First things first get,  yourself organised. Make a list of the most important stuff to get booked. Due to loads of postponements suppliers are getting booked up further in advance so if you want that dream venue/photographer/florist then start enquiring sooner rather than later.

Then comes all the other stuff! Lists are so your friend right now! Maybe even go as far as creating a spreadsheet if you like that kind of thing! If you are working from home or furloughed then you may have more time on your hands, so research and create lists to get you at the top of your wedding planning game!


Let’s cover the BIG stuff.



Start online searching and then enquiring for dates. Some venues are even offering online show rounds which is a bonus because you don’t even have to leave the house! Check out their wedding galleries and stalk them on Instagram, this will give you a real insight into the vibe of the venue and what sort of photos you will get. Then once the doors are open you will be more informed to make a quick and easy decision. Plus hopefully this means you will get the date you want.




Part of the fun of wedding planning is trying on beautiful, glamorous wedding dresses. Obviously during a lockdown this is on hold. But fear not you can get well ahead of the game. Again online research. Find out what style or designer you like and then you can find a boutique that stocks that type of dress. Also planning for your budget. It can be so easy to try your dream dress on and THEN find out it’s three times your budget.  So find out how much the dresses are before you try them on so you aren’t wooed once you’re in the boutique.

Make phone calls to bridal boutiques. Many are offering online consultations too, so build a relationship before you’ve even stepped in the door. This will go a long way to you finding the dress that’s right for you. 




Find out who your local wedding florists are and research their style. Again look them up on Insta, follow them, will they suit your styling, what budgets do they work with? Call them and build a relationship. Florists will also have had a lot of postponements so you want to get them booked in as soon as you can. You can do online consultations, email ideas and sketches. There’s nothing to say you can’t orgainse everything from your computer. They will want to know where you want flowers in the venue, so it would be good to have your venue booked in by then.

To keep costs and environmental impact low, use seasonal flowers. Source locally grown flowers as they’ll be fresh and not come with a hefty carbon footprint.


Hair and Make-Up:


You may feel  pretty  downhearted that all the fun is being taken out of your wedding planning. Getting your hair and makeup trails are fun but also if you have a lot can tot up! So let’s switch that thought process around and see that time is on your side. You can research hair do’s, allow your hair to grow if you need it too. Without hairdressers open you might be tempted to home dye or cut!! Try to avoid this as having your hair professional done will make for the best results on your wedding day. Patience is the key…and haven’t we all been so patient!! But hold on in there. Why not have a go at practicing some updo’s yourself to see what suits you. The same with make-up, once you know what you like then it will make the MUA’s life much easier. There are plenty of online tutorials to have lots of fun with. Why not organise a zoom party with your bridesmaids whilst doing your trials on yourself! Could make for some great fun and hilarious outcomes!!! 

Lots of MUA’s on insta have also been doing tutorials on IGTV, so if you find one you like then enquire to see if they are free on your date. Again building relationships before the day is key!




Go DIY where you can! Time is on your side.  There are so many ideas out there for wedding decorations and some things can definitely be made at home. Don’t go crazy to start with if crafting isn’t really your thing! Start small and get yourself on YouTube for some handy videos on how to make things. You could make your own eco-friendly confetti, using hole punched leaves or recycled paper. Then if feeling confident make some paper bunting for the walls of your venue, and move on to signage signage. It’s been really popular to upcycle things like old crates and pallets for wedding signage.  If done well they can look amazing. The possibilities are down to your skills and time! Another great thing to do is look at second hand auction sites for props, such as ladders, rustic tables or vases and centre pieces etc depending on your theme. Not everything has to be brand new. I love old things as they all have a history and a story to tell, it may bring that special edge to your wedding decor.



Pinterest is your best friend for wedding planning! Make a board for all the aspects of your wedding and have fun pinning away! If you like visuals then it might even be worth creating a separate mood board of your wedding and pin it on the fridge. This will not only get you super excited for your day, but if shown to  suppliers will give them a great help as they will know what’s your vision for the day is. With the lack of face to face meetings and visits, communication is key.


Online blogs and directories:

To help you find suppliers online in the first place head over to the many blogs and directories that are available.


Most importantly enjoy the process. Try not to get frustrated with not being able to physically browse shops, lock down is easing and stores will be open again soon.

Your day will be amazing because you are marrying the person your love the most.  


Sarah x