My girls in the Bluebells-Lockdown 2020

A few weeks ago we ventured out into the woods for some family photos. I had so, so missed doing my Bluebell Mini sessions this year and in particular was really sad that I hadn’t been able to take photos of my girls. It has become a tradition to capture them in the bluebells each year.

So we decided to go find some bluebells and do our own little shoot anyway! We first spotted a herd of deer on the edge of the woods, what a treat! They were so beautiful. I tried capturing them, but we were really far away and they are so sensitive to noise, the photos I got didn’t really do the experience any justice.

At first I just took some in action shots to warm the girls up. Oh and me too, it has been so long since I used my camera!  Having shot my last session in Feb it had been many weeks since I had touched my camera.  As ever Sophie was a liability! Grace was a pro at this by now being 7 she has endured my camera a lot! So she knew how to pose/not pose to get some great photos. Sophie initially just wanted to run around the field! Fair enough!

After we fueled them with snacks the girls were happy to go into the bluebells and be cute together. I even managed to get some solo ones of Sophie looking extra cute. You should have seen the energy it took to get her to look at the camera though!! I had forgotten how intense that it is!!

I even manged to get Dan to take some of me and the girls. I am never in photos so this was lovely. Weird having my photo taken of course! But I am super happy with the results. I’ve trained him well! Haha!

I am now offering socially distanced photo shoots for you and your family. Sadly all the bluebells have gone but there’s nowt wrong with just some good old greenery! Send me a message to get booked in : ).