Ben + Ness’ Wedding

As soon as I met Ben and Ness I knew that their wedding was going to be amazing and special! They are such a fantastic couple, extremely active and both love climbing. Ben even proposed to Ness at the top of a mountain at sunset AND managed to photograph the moment on self timer!! I mean…what an achievement!!  I was also privy to some exciting information about their first dance so I just COULD NOT wait!


The morning of the wedding, Ness was surrounded by all her gorgeous ladies getting ready in the stunning bridal suite at Froyle Park.  The bridesmaids had awesome dresses…all purple but different hues and styles…just so stunning. Ness was a calm and composed whilst getting her hair and make-up done,  and she looked utterly beautiful once the dress went on. Just such a classic beauty.

I went to meet Ben and he was also calm but you could see a little bit of apprehension in his eyes! That waiting must just be full of such emotion for the groom!  He had his two best people with  him, I say people as he had a best man and best woman…I love a bit of uniqueness at a wedding!

The ceremony was incredibly emotional…Ben for sure was holding back those tears at several points and Ness broke when reading her vows! I was glad to be behind my camera as I always cry if I see someone else go! The whole day was just so joyful, I don’t know if I stopped smiling! So much love and happiness all day.

Then, the first dance, well, seriously, you had to be there! They danced to Ed Sheerin’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and did the choreography from his video!!! It was bloody amazing…they were incredible, even more so because Ben was suffering with a slipped disc too! Madness!

I’ll stop talking now and let the photos do the story telling!





The details

Where was your wedding?
Froyle Park, Upper Froyle, Hampshire
Where is your wedding dress from?
Tilly Mint Weddings
Who was your florist?
Blend And Bloom
Who was your makeup artist?
Clare Hayes
Who was your hair stylist?
Clare Hayes